May 20, 2005

turbulence_05 comp

by Mary Flanagan · , 11:17 pm

Winners of Turbulence’s Comp_05

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. announced the winners of its Turbulence Comp_05 Juried International Net Art Competition. Five works were selected.

One work is from a French Team consisting of Markia Dermineur and Khalil Bennis (with others) (Markia worked with Stephane Degoutin on Googlehouse) . A second work is from Troy Innocent and Ollie Olson with the Shaolin Wooden men and Harry Lee (Australia). A third work is an Urban interention work from Brazil featuring several artists (Ruiz, Freire, Delacroix, Djahdjah, Carlos, Murmur, and the Wells). The fourth project is “Gothamberg” by Marek Walczak, with Wattenberg, Selbo, Paul, Lehrer, Kindvall, and Crow) from the US– a project which appears to extend Walczak’s Apartment project to larger realms. I’m very excited that a project I’m developing with collaborator Daniel Howe is among this great company, for it succeeded in the competition as the fifth work. This project is called [] and is an affective search engine tool-artwork.
Let the production begin!

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  1. nick Says:

    All right! Congratulations, Mary!

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