May 23, 2005

ELO’s New Site

by Scott Rettberg · , 9:00 am

New ELO siteThe Electronic Literature Organization’s new site is now in place.

A very visible feature of the site is a showcase that features exemplary electronic literature. The five most recent items appear at the top of the main page, and everything featured to date is accessible via the “Showcased E-Lit” link just below the search field. The showcase is an excellent descriptive complement to the extant Electronic Literature Directory, a large index of information about e-lit. An RSS feed of the showcase is available so that readers can automatically keep bookmarks to the current entry or syndicate the showcase on their own pages.

News entries and other pages on the site are now easily searchable. The news (including a five-year archive) is also accessible by category and by date. The new site is also designed to be easier to maintain and manage into the future, allowing the ELO to communicate with members and the reading public more effectively.

This new site, which will be more frequently updated and more useful for those interested in e-lit, is the first of several new initiatives planned by the organization. Stay tuned to the site for the ELO’s other new programs in coming months. (The ELO, by the way, is a 501( c )( 3 ) nonprofit literary organization, founded in 1999, that has a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, reading and distribution of electronic literature.)

Props to Nick, a vice-president of the ELO who designed and engineered the new site, for a job well done. Noah and I helped out with the migration of news and in creating showcase entires. We hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our work.

4 Responses to “ELO’s New Site”

  1. andrew Says:

    Looks great! Nice work.

  2. Jason Scott Says:


    Sorry, ELO and all.

  3. scott Says:

    I turn to stone whenever I hear a comment like that.

  4. Jason Scott Says:

    Don’t walk away!

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