May 26, 2005

Short Stuff for Hypertext ’05

by Nick Montfort · , 12:06 am

The Hypertext ’05 full paper deadline has passed, but you can still submit short papers and demo proposals (due June 9) and poster proposals (due June 19). The conference will be September 6-9 in Salzburg.

3 Responses to “Short Stuff for Hypertext ’05”

  1. Tablesaw Says:

    Gah! It’s the not-an-apostrophe!

  2. Gunther Says:

    You going to be there?

  3. nick Says:

    It’s pretty unlikely that I will make it to this one, but I hope to be only about one country away for Digital Arts and Culture 2005 on December 1-3, in Copenhagen. (Yes, I know Germany is a rather large country…)

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