May 28, 2005

An E-lit Sighting in Providence

by Nick Montfort · , 6:14 pm

Scott, Hanna, and I are at Provflux. More later, but for now, a quick report: At the RISD Museum, in the Annual Graduate Student Exhibition, we found an electronic literature piece right there in the wild. Joseph Hecking’s Mimetics Simulation No. 1, done in the medium of “interactive computer graphics,” according to the placard, presented on overhead, game-like view of small figures running about bearing symbols – crosses, staffs, dollar signs, and so on. When one of them is touched via the touch-screen interface, texts appear, for instance:

drink a uniter to have cause on walt disney
at all medical institutions with a divider

So, maybe the couplets didn’t exactly startle me out of my self and make strange the ordinary in a terrifying way, but hey, a random encounter with a text machine.

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