June 7, 2005

NYTimes on AI, Games and Interactive Drama

by Andrew Stern · , 2:13 am

To our surprise, a New York Times reporter was at the AIIDE conference last week. The resulting article for tomorrow’s paper, “Redefining the Power of the Gamer”, posted online in both the Arts section and Technology section, consists of a series of interviews of several of the conference speakers — and leads off with a description of playing Façade, plus a screenshot and link to our website!

Although Façade is not quite released yet — we’re setting up our distribution channels as we speak — we’ve gone ahead and put up a “pre-order” e-mail address on the site (even though it will be freeware), to try to capture some of the traffic that may head our way from the article… :-)

Update: the paper itself has a large full color Façade screenshot at the top of the Arts section. wow.

4 Responses to “NYTimes on AI, Games and Interactive Drama”

  1. noah Says:

    A great article – the reporter really understands the goals of your project, and he picks some good snippets of his interviews with folks in order to give an informed view of the various potential futures of game AI. Congratulations to all!

  2. nick Says:

    Debian releases Sarge!

    Apple switches to Intel!

    And even more unlikely … Michael and Andrew take preorders for Façade!

    (The article is a good one, by the way — I’m glad they’ve picked up on Façade as wave of the future over at the Times.)

  3. michael Says:

    Yeah, I thought the reporter did a very nice job covering the conference. He really seemed to understand what his interviewees were telling him, and could craft it into a good story.

    He spent a good chunk of time with Facade, playing it himself a couple of times and watching other people play it.

  4. andrew Says:

    Here’s a new article with a similar message to the NYTimes article, although this one is not focused on AI per se: “Video-game industry mulls over the future beyond shoot-’em-ups”, from the Christian Science Monitor.

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