June 14, 2005

DiGRA Papers Online

by Andrew Stern · , 3:38 pm

The proceedings of the upcoming DiGRA conference are now online, giving folks a chance to read up before the ludopolooza officially begins Thursday evening in Vancouver. Looks like quite a diverse collection of ideas and arguments! Among them you can find the full text of a new paper by Michael and me, Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space. Preluded in part of last December’s Head Games discussion and sort of a companion paper to our AIIDE paper, in this new paper we talk about our take on resolving the tension between game and story: to recast interactions within a story world in terms of abstract social games, where players fire off discourse acts instead of guns, in which the player’s “score” is not communicated to the player via numbers or sliders but rather via enriched, theatrically dramatic performance.

Michael also is a contributing author to two other DiGRA papers, Evolution Of Space Configuration In Videogames with Clara Fernandez Vara and Jose Zagal, and Towards an Ontological Language for Game Analysis with Jose, Clara, Brian Hochhalter and Nolan Lichti. Prolific one, that Michael.

Hope to see you in Vancouver.