June 17, 2005

women, games

by Mary Flanagan · , 3:13 pm

Where is the hard data about women in the games industry? In a 2004 New York Times article, the approximate number of women in the US games industry is estimated to be 10%. But where is the hard data? Send on if anyone has it. Also, while I’m sure everyone heard of Lowenstein’s call for new kinds of games at E3, I wish to repost it as a reminder that the issue of gender and gaming runs deep and is multifaceted: a more
complex issue than simply the lack of women making games, or the representation of women in games, or how many women purchase games. In addition to these issues, more thinking needs to focus on the gender issues present in the construction of game architectures and game goals, and how games occupy our cultural imaginary.
Here are some papers on these issues:
New Design Methods for Activist Gaming
Troubling ‘Games for Girls’: Notes from the Edge of Game Design