July 30, 2005

Millennial Bunk

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 3:19 pm

Thanks to a tip from Mark at WRT for pointing out Haberdashery — a new text created in a collaborative jam by the writing collective Millenium. It’s published in the summer issue of Bunk Magazine and created using the network-based simultaneous collaborative writing tool SubEthaEdit.

3 Responses to “Millennial Bunk”

  1. scott Says:

    What a load of claptrap.

  2. matthew bunk Says:

    my name is matthew bunk i didnt even know there was a bunk magazine.
    that is pretty awesome

  3. Bunk editor Says:


    We originally planned for the magazine to be an homage to you, but we’ve had some difficulty with our attorneys. So we’ve had to settle for fictionalizing some
    of our content, while still writing the magazine primarily for you.

    The Grand Thieves Audio modologues were inspired by your recent column on alkaline poisoning.
    Love, Honor, and Obey, is about a woman who dreams of her secret marriage to you.
    Yugo! satirizes the difficulties finding accurate information about Matthew Bunk on the internet.
    Target CNN shows why you hate 24-hour news channels.

    We had to scratch some of other piece:
    Matthew Bunk’s Flickr madnes
    History is [Matthew] Bunk
    Matthew Bunk’s Matthew Bunk-Bot, a zany chatbot.

    We’re always looking for more Matthew Bunk content, so please send some along.

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