August 26, 2005

Want to make your own MMO?

by Michael Mateas · , 6:49 pm

Atlanta-based Kaneva has a beta release of their Kaneva Game Platform. What makes this different from the myriad other modding frameworks and game engines out there, is that this engine supports the creation of MMO games, hosted on the Kaneva website. Currently the engine seems targeted at supporting FPS and RPG style games. According to their licensing faq, you can use the engine for free to create your game, and host the game for development purposes (up to five simultaneous players) on Kaneva’s servers. You can self-host games for free, with up to 30 simultaneous players, but can’t charge for your game. Or you can get a commercial license to host your MMO on Kaneva’s servers; you decide how much to charge for your game, Kaneva runs the infrastructure and billing. The royalties the developer gets on the net revenues slide from 50% – 70%, depending on the monthly net (this handy table lets you fantasize about how much money you’d receive in royalties a month on a $10.00 monthly subscription). It’s an interesting model, requiring no upfront cost to license the engine, reasonable royalties on the subscription income, and no investment in billing or server infrastructure. This should allow indy developers to get into the MMO market relatively risk free…