August 26, 2005

Want to make your own MMO?

by Michael Mateas · , 6:49 pm

Atlanta-based Kaneva has a beta release of their Kaneva Game Platform. What makes this different from the myriad other modding frameworks and game engines out there, is that this engine supports the creation of MMO games, hosted on the Kaneva website. Currently the engine seems targeted at supporting FPS and RPG style games. According to their licensing faq, you can use the engine for free to create your game, and host the game for development purposes (up to five simultaneous players) on Kaneva’s servers. You can self-host games for free, with up to 30 simultaneous players, but can’t charge for your game. Or you can get a commercial license to host your MMO on Kaneva’s servers; you decide how much to charge for your game, Kaneva runs the infrastructure and billing. The royalties the developer gets on the net revenues slide from 50% – 70%, depending on the monthly net (this handy table lets you fantasize about how much money you’d receive in royalties a month on a $10.00 monthly subscription). It’s an interesting model, requiring no upfront cost to license the engine, reasonable royalties on the subscription income, and no investment in billing or server infrastructure. This should allow indy developers to get into the MMO market relatively risk free…

18 Responses to “Want to make your own MMO?”

  1. Says:

    i tried to download kaneva engine but i never downloaded it. i clicked download but it made no
    prgress in it. i tried 3 or 4 times and it never worked.

  2. Drafell Says:


  3. UberPro Says:

    I got same problem, clicking that link worked =)
    Happy coding!

  4. Robinskiebollebabskie Says:

    yo thanks for the help man!

  5. Lithgow Says:

    holy fuk this thing is HUGE just to be text base

  6. WTF Says:

    Text based? Are you a fucking retard?

  7. Nazca Says:

    The link did work for me when I used internet explorer instead of firefox

  8. po Says:

    duh because firefox sucks

  9. Powerking Says:

    LOL Firefox Sucks????Ok Stick with IE and get Pop-ups, Virii and Trojans. Ill use Firefox and not worry about any of that stuff.

  10. Shadow Says:

    I found the download page but when I click to download it, it says the file cannot be found… if anyone has it and would be willing to give it to me, my msn is my aim is shadownaddan and my gmail is

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It doesnt work for me either òó
    if someone has it then can you please put it on or for me

  12. Anonymous Says:

    So i tried to download and it says youy have to register yayddi yadda so i regestered a 11:00 and at 4:10 i am still waiting for a conformation email i decided to try draffel’s link but it said the page cannot be found so any suggestions on how i can get the software legaly?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Ok i went to site and tried to download. It says i have to register. so i regester at abou 11:00 and it says we will send you an email to confirm your account. It is no 4:15 and still no email. I tried draffel’s link and it says page cannot be found. So any suggestions on how i can get the software (legally of course :0)

  14. Anonymous Says:


    Only people who don’t know what they are doing get viruses because they use a specific web browser. Did you notice that you need a plugin to stop the pop ups in FireFox and that it can be turned off if the webmaster knows a few lines of HTML? Or did that completely slip your mind. IE has it’s own internal pop up blocker. Plus, most viruses are installed with ActiveX controls. Which IE asks you if you want to install the controls. Firefox doesn’t ask at all because it doesn’t use them. So a browser that doesn’t use a standard for websites is better than the most used one? Try doing some research before making comments you know nothing about.

    I’m not saying Firefox isn’t a good browser. With the right addons and plugins it works great, and is better. But there are plugins for IE that can make it just as good.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    how do you make a mmo like runescape but with more features and Also do I have to pay anything to
    have on the internet Cause i was trying to see if i can make mmo without all the hassle

    IF I use Kaneva to make my own mmo rpg do I have to pay for anything
    just to use the support and tools of kaneva

  16. rawr Says:

    Awww… link doesn’t work. I have ie, firefox, & opera.. doesn’t work with any of them.

  17. rawr Says:

    Woot! Change my mind. The download link works from on here..

    The bottom review has the right download link. =) Woot!

  18. ??? Says:

    does this actualy MAKE mmos? like savage and runescape(aint a mmo but sorta the same)????

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