August 29, 2005

Welcome Lisbeth!

by Michael Mateas · , 4:57 pm

Lisbeth Klastrup is a visiting scholar here this semester. It’s great to have her be a member of the game research community at Tech for awhile (she’s actually been her for three weeks already, but better late than never in welcoming her…). As an ethnographic self-study project, she’s moblogging her life while she’s here, to get a sense of what moblogging feels like. So far her moblog posts have a melancholy feel, focusing on breakdowns in the physical and social infrastructure in Atlanta. Of course, adjusting to living in a new country is bound to make one feel a bit melancholy. I look forward to seeing Atlanta through her eyes via her moblog. I’ll have to have her visit my neighborhood so she can record impressions. Welcome Lisbeth!

3 Responses to “Welcome Lisbeth!”

  1. Roy Riggs Says:

    Hey, GTA is Atlanta based? Are any of you planning to attend Dragoncon this weekend? I’d love to meet up with fellow IF folks to chat in person!


  2. michael Says:

    Well, one of us (me) is in Atlanta. I wasn’t planning on attending Dragoncon, though it looks interesting. Over the years a number of my students have tried to get me to go. Unfortunately, Dragoncon is always right after the semester has started for me, when I’m generally completely overwhelmed with work. But thanks for the home town shout.

  3. scott Says:

    Welcome to the lower 48, Lisbeth. I hope you’ll make it up the coast while you’re here. Maybe you can have dinner with another chunk of GTA in Philly.

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