September 5, 2005

Hurricane Tech Needed

by Mary Flanagan · , 12:47 pm

Hi all, its difficult to dwell on digital games and art in the middle of such an immense disaster. The group is coordinating to get some communications infrastructure back to the region. This is one of several link to donate time, equipment, $ or supplies.

Second, here’s a short article about blogging through Katrina , and a damage blog including a site to track missing persons. Humid City is a network for survivors.

2 Responses to “Hurricane Tech Needed”

  1. noah Says:

    Mary, thanks for this update. Also, I’d like to thank folks who have asked about my brother. He was able to safely evacuate from New Orleans — first to another part of the state, and then to Texas. He flew into California last week, and I took a flight to spend much of the week and the long weekend with him, his fiance, and our parents. He’s now headed to Minneapolis, where he’ll keep working for ACORN, even though their national headquarters was wiped out in the flooding. He’ll be dressing casually for a while, given that he evacuated from work, rather than home, and lost most of his clothing and other possessions. We’re just glad he’s safe and healthy. I’ll be returning to normal work myself starting Thursday.

  2. Fox Harrell Says:

    Hi Noah,

    I am sorry to hear about your brother’s loss but I am glad to hear he is ok. My sister was vacationing in New Orleans at the time. She had to evacuate her hotel and spent a night at the Convention Center (the first night it was used as a shelter) but was also eventually able to evacuate. I send my best to your family.

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