September 7, 2005

Why Pound Hypertext?

by Nick Montfort · , 3:58 pm

If you need a quick break from the onslaught of the new semester, or if you’re looking for an excuse to look at something besides the news, check out Kybernekyia: A Hypervortext of Ezra Pound’s Canto LXXXI. It’s interesting as “a pedantic experiment” and can teach most readers a bit about the Cantos and about their author, even if it may not directly show the way to new scholarly and creative possibilities. If you’re really looking for a way to pound the Cantos into shape and make it new, check out a different neo-vorticist offering, Young-Hae Chang’s already-classic Dakota.

2 Responses to “Why Pound Hypertext?”

  1. nick Says:

    Here’s a Pound video clip for you, too.

  2. mark Says:

    I agree that this is a useful way of presenting the Cantos, but I’m a little baffled by the author’s lengthy description of this presentation as a “postmodern” “hypervortex”. Hypertext versions of things like Dante’s Inferno have already done this sort of thing for years, since a link is the natural/obvious way of implementing a footnote in HTML.

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