September 8, 2005

Game Writers Converge on Austin

by Andrew Stern · , 5:18 pm

Via an IGDA newsletter I just discovered the website and schedule for the first annual Game Writers Conference — a two-day event dedicated to the art and craft of game writing, October 26-27, co-located with the annual Austin Games Conference focused on MMOGs and mobile games, and the Women’s Game Conference on women in the computer and video game industry.

Confirmed presentations for the Game Writers Conference include Mark Laidlaw of Valve presenting “Gaming the Narrative”, Clint Hocking giving a case study for writers about the production of Splinter Cell, and a talk called “The Writer/Designer Tag Team” from the developers of Gears of War.

I’ve written them to try to get Façade a seat on the “AI for Writers” panel, hopefully it’s not too late to squeeze Grace and Trip in there.

Apologies for not blogging much lately, I’m still recuperating from the Façade release, trying to enjoy the sun before rain starts up here in Portland, and playing catch-up with my day job. I still plan to reply to the latest comments on my post-release post from a few weeks ago.

One Response to “Game Writers Converge on Austin”

  1. andrew Says:

    Ah, looks like that “AI for Writers” wasn’t going to be a panel after all, but a lecture, already scheduled to be given by Michael Young, who runs NCState’s Liquid Narrative group and chaired AIIDE last June. Oh well.

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