September 19, 2005

Newsweek Int’l on the Future of Entertainment

by Andrew Stern · , 4:21 pm

Speaking of women and games — we can’t get a hold of it here in the US, but Newsweek International (Europe, Asia, the Middle East) has a new issue on the Future of Entertainment. The issue includes an article called “Videogames for Girls” that may discuss Façade, we’re not sure.

If any non-Americans out there have a copy, please let us know what the article says, thanks! We’ll try to get a hold of a couple of copies this week somehow.

Hopefully this means they’re going crazy over Façade is Riyadh right now.

Update: Ah, I found it online — the article is called “A Female Sensibility“. The print edition is the October 3, 2005 international issue.