September 27, 2005

Get Your GameGame

by Andrew Stern · , 5:08 pm

As reported and described by The Ludologist, Aki Järvinen’s card game about making games, called GameGame, is now available! He had hinted about this at last June’s DiGRA, and now it’s ready to play.

You’ll need to print out and cut up the cards, and read the rules, before you can game your own game. The website describes it as “Ludology meets Understanding Comics”.

Good deal! I haven’t meta game this cool in a while. ha ha. what a card.

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  1. miscellany is the largest category Says:

    Spreading the Pun Fun; Plus, Weird News in MMORPGs

    Aki Järvinen released his GameGame, a card game about making games (along the lines of the Understanding Comics meta-approach), which is available for download here. Also available for download is the following line from andrew at gta: Good deal! I…

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