October 1, 2005

IF Comp 2005 Gets Game

by Nick Montfort · , 3:54 am

>GET GAMESThe 36 interactive fiction pieces that were entered in the 11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IF Comp 2005) have been released. Download away! New this year are BitTorrents of the entries and the necessary interpreters.

For newcomers to the Comp: Judging in this competition is done by the public, so while you can wait around and see who the winners are, if you’re interested in IF, you should certainly download the games and take a look. Anyone who plays at least five games may vote, as explained on the page on judging games. Info about past Comps is available at the Comp site and on IF Wiki. Thanks to Stephen Granade of BrassLantern.org for once again organizing the Comp.

One Response to “IF Comp 2005 Gets Game”

  1. Eric Gieseke Says:

    Interesting, indeed

    Interactive Fiction is a great joy of mine,

    well.. has anyone considered using AI voices the latest ones

    that sound so real, to make a really crazy story? and well who here

    can talk AI and speech synthesis and all that good stuff, i’m interested to discuss

    just the begininng


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