October 1, 2005

second life in nyc

by Mary Flanagan · , 11:18 pm

As you all probably know, the Second Life environment created by Linden Labs is an amazing example of social environment, game, meeting place, and cultural phenomena. Linden Labs have been at the forefront of intellectual property debates in online environments, because users own their own content in SL. Philip Rosedale of Linden Labs is giving a talk entitled “Building a World with Digital Atoms” October 7th in NYC at 11:30am, 251 Mercer Street room 109. The talk is open and is sponsored by NYU’s Dept of Computer Science and the Tiltfactor lab at Hunter College. Please join us!

Social emergence and cultural identity in worlds like There and Second Life are growing areas for research, and currently the subject of research by noted games scholar Celia Pearce, currently teaching Multiplayer Game Design at USC. She will be on the East Coast speaking at Games for Change (G4C) , October 21-22 at CUNY The Heights in New York City. Mary will be in Hong Kong at the microwave festival showing [domestic].

Some SL guides for those interested:

SL Beginner’s Guide

Scripting 101

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