October 4, 2005

game writer’s conference

by Mary Flanagan · , 5:48 pm

Oct 26-27th, the first annual Game Writers Conference will be held in Austin TX. A former Human Code person, (where many a fab person worked), Susan O’Connor, is the chair of this year’s conf. It’s going to be a great chance for writers to meet face-to-face…for writers from other disciplines to find out what game writing is all about…for devs who want to make more engaging games…and for students who want to meet the writer of Half-Life 2!!

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  1. Susan O'Connor Says:

    That is correct!!! I’m the chair of the event (and the ex Coder Mary refers to), and may I say, this event is going to be SWEET!! Here’s the jibber-jabber from one of our recent releases:

    “We are pre-Citizen Kane in this industry….we’re still learning how to tell stories in games…we haven’t fully delivered on the promise of the medium.”
    – Neil Young, Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Arts LA

    Who’s going to to revolutionize the art of the interactive story? Will it be you?

    The first annual Game Writers Conference is taking place October 26th and 27th in Austin, Texas. It is the only industry event dedicated entirely to the art and craft of game writing.

    This conference is for writers, game developers, and students – anyone looking for new ways to create deeper, more emotionally engaging games. GWC is a golden opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the best writers working in the industry today. Speaker credits include:

    • Half-Life 2 (Story of the Year, Game Developers Choice 2005)
    • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    • Act of War
    • Star Wars Galaxies
    • ilovebees
    • Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

    At GWC, it’s buy one, get two free – attendees will also be able to attend the Austin Game Conference and the Women’s Game Conference.

    Details and registration information are available at

    Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Student discounts available.

  2. andrew Says:

    Mary — ’twas blogged a month ago, but a reminder doesn’t hurt :-)

  3. Snarkmarket Says:

    Silicon Scribes Unite

    How cool is this? There’s going to be a Game Writer’s Conference in Austin! I feel that I would enjoy blog-style coverage of this event… I hope somebody steps up to the plate. Got this from Grand text Auto and…

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