October 6, 2005

Where to Find a Game Scientist?

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 11:21 am

Jim Whitehead, whose email this summer kicked off a thought-provoking GTxA thread on game curricula, has sent me another interesting message. He writes because the Computer Science Dept. at UC Santa Cruz has been given the authority to hire a tenure-track faculty member (assistant professor) whose research interests lie in computer games. His question:

I was hoping you might have some insight on where we could advertise this position. We’re frankly a bit stumped on how to find a gaming-interested person who has strong technical research credentials.

Now, certainly there are places to advertise for people with strong technical research credentials who want to be in the game industry — who want to focus their research on an imminently shippable product. But where does a place like UC Santa Cruz advertise for someone who wants to do academic, technical game research? I somehow don’t think the Chronicle of Higher Ed reaches all of their target audience, but technical game research doesn’t exactly have a plethora of journals in which to run display ads. Any thoughts?