October 8, 2005

A Dialog on Gaming and its Potential

by Nick Montfort · , 12:53 pm

I took the first train of the morning up to New Haven on Thursday, arriving just in time to speak last on a panel called “A Dialog on Gaming and its Potential” at the New Media Consortium New England Regional Conference. I gave a short talk on IF, mainly to evagelize about the form to the courseware creators, educators, and educational IT folks who were there. I wish I could write up my reaction to the panel, but I missed almost all of it! From the Q&A, I gathered that it was pretty good.

Fortunately, Ruben Puentedura, who organized the panel, is going to put audio of everything online, so I (and anyone else who wants) will be able to hear what transpired. Check the wiki that he’s set up for some resources related to the panelists’ discussion; that’s where the audio of the panel should appear in the future, too. Hopefully the dialog will continue there (and here, if anyone likes), and I’ll have a chance to try to understand the other panelists’ positions on gaming in conversation.

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