October 14, 2005

DAC05 Program

by Andrew Stern · , 7:03 pm

Update: DAC 2005 is over – it was great! GTxA’s non-exclusive coverage of the conference is available:

Session 1, Session 2, Session 3b, Session 4b, Session 5, Session 6, Session 9, Session 10, Session 11, ELINOR reading, Mateas & Montfort talk

Digital Arts and Culture 2005, to be held this December in Copenhagen, looks to be a very stimulating event as usual. The list of papers is now online, including several scholars and artists you may be familiar with from discussions here at GTxA:

Ian Bogost: The Rhetoric of Exergaming
Espen Aarseth: Fiction vs Simulation in Games
Jill Walker: The Digital Aesthetisation of Oneself
Douglass, Marino, Dena: A Framework for Comparative New Media Studies
Scott Rettberg: Collective Knowledge, Collective Narratives, and Architectures of Participation
Michael Mateas, Andrew Stern: Procedural Authorship
Fox Harrell: The GRIOT Improvisational Poetry System
Stuart Moulthrop: Rethinking Scholarship in the Days of Serious Play
Michael Mateas, Nick Montfort: A Box, Darkly: Obfuscation, Weird Languages, and Code Aesthetics
Boehner, Sengers, Medynskiy, Gay: Technology between Art and Tool
Panel: Gameplay: The Great Debate (Juul, Bjørk, Aarseth, Iversen)
And many more beyond just this corner of the blogosphere (do spheres have corners?):
Maia Engeli:The Flow of Ideas in Telematic Environments
Andrew Hutchinson: The Natural Languages of Immersion
Olli Sotamaa: The Role of Players in Game Design
Andreas Gregersen: Designers, Games and Players
Vili Lehdonvirta: Real-Money Trade of Virtual Assets
Markus Montala: Exploring the Edge of the Magic Circle
Inger Ekman: Understanding Sound Effects in Computer Games
Laura Ermi & Frans Mayra: Players’ Emotional Experiences with Digital Games
Cynthia Haynes: Armageddon Army
Lorna Macdonald: Designing for Location-Dependence
Falk Heinrich: Transient Systems of Communication
Christiano Poian: Software (Audiovisual) Art
Roberto Simanowski: Mapping Art as Cultural Form in Postmodern Times
Maria Engberg: Stepping into the River
Louisa Wei & Huaxin Wei: Illustrative Narratology for the Digital Artist/Designer
Dene Grigar & Steve Gibson: Ephemeral Writing
Pearce, Fron, Fullerton, Morie: Towards a New Games Movement for the Digital Age
Elizabeth Losh: Trust, Identity, and Language Learning in a Military Video Game
Brett Camper: Technical Mastery and Game Boy Advance Homebrew Software Development
Tara Winters: Evaluating Digital, Interactive Multimedia Experiences
Lizzie Muller, Edmonds Ernest: Developing an Itterative Curatorial Practice
John Cayley: Writing on Complex Surfaces
Signe Schou, René Toft: A Theoretical Model for Experience and Social Interaction in Digitally Enhanced Environments
Lone Koefoed Hansen, Jakob Wamberg: How Art is Mediated in Augmented Reality
Kim Vincs, Katherine Blashki: Real-time Interactive Dance Performance
Wright, Shinkle, Linney: Alter Ego: Computer Reflections of Human Emotions
Anker Helms Jørgensen, Lars Erik Udsen: The History of the Computer as Interface
Ragnhild Tronstad: The Presence of an Absent Other
Troels Degn Johansson: The Live Webcam—Tele-Presence or Systemic Global Appropriation?
Teresa Dillon, Hans Daanen: Designing Self-Generative Systems for Audio-Visual Composition and Performance
Ole Ertløv Hansen: Neuroaesthetics and the Digital Interactive Experience
Bruno Nadeau: Inter-inactivity
Robert Sweeny: Net_work_ed

The trip to Copenhagen is unfortunately a pretty expensive one for North Americans to attend, and so I’m not sure I’m going to make it; luckily I have a co-presenter with a bigger travel budget who can talk solo if need be. But I really hope I can make it, it looks fascinating!