October 27, 2005

Only a Game Blog

by Andrew Stern · , 4:00 pm

Game designer, writer and book author Chris Bateman has a blog just a few months old called Only a Game. Lots of great lenghty posts to be found, including Between Stories and Games, Fractal Stories, A Template for the Future of the Game Industry, Grass Roots Gamers, Racheted Progress, and an extensive post-mortem (1 2) of a game he worked on.

Chris co-wrote the newly released 21st Century Game Design, was designer and scripter of Discworld Noir (UK, 1999), and is now the managing director of the game design studio International Hobo and a member of the IGDA Game Writers SIG.

One Response to “Only a Game Blog”

  1. Patrick Dugan Says:

    Bateman’s is an excellent blog. Its refreshing to see a perspective on design build on a strong cognitive science background, as it yeilds in his writing a nice blance between rigorous scientific analysis and philosophical poise.

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