October 28, 2005

noulipo Experimental Writing Conference

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 1:19 pm

On October 28-29 (today and tomorrow) the second annual experimental writing conference hosted by the CalArts MFA Writing Program focuses on the legacy of Oulipo — the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (“workshop of potential literature”) founded in Paris 45 years ago. Comprising writers, poets, mathematicians and logicians, the group has formulated playful and exotic new “constraints” as alternatives to the hidebound rules of traditional literary forms. This conference presents two members of the group, including its current President, as well as a host of American, Canadian and English writers influenced by them in varying degrees: Caroline Bergvall, Christian Bök, Johanna Drucker, Paul Fournel, Tan Lin, Bernadette Mayer, Ian Monk, Harryette Mullen, Douglas Nufer, Vanessa Place, Janet Sarbanes, Juliana Spahr, Brian Kim Stefans, Rodrigo Toscano, & Rob Wittig (see schedule for details).

6 Responses to “noulipo Experimental Writing Conference”

  1. Chris Says:

    And I don’t suppose any of you are here? I meant to e-mail Nick to see if he’d be here…

    Brian Kim Stefans’ paper was relevant to GTA’s interests. More later, perhaps.

  2. nick Says:

    When I found out about the conference a few weeks ago, I tried to see if there was any way I could go, but I found there wasn’t any way I could make it. Maybe Noah’s there? I hope it’s a great time, anyway, and I wish I could have been there.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Rats! This would have been the perfect thing to put me in the mood for NaNoWriMo.

  4. Alan Bender Says:

    Sorry I missed it. I am using T2S sythesizers to make Sythesized Word presentations my poetry. I am blending it with live reading, page art & who knows whagt is next. Like John Cage compositions that used junk for instruments instruments, I use software that I can pick up for free on the internet. The next step could be some kind of group listening and reacting with there own interpretation and then mixing samples from that into the tracks. Anybody you know that would be interested?

  5. Joseph Says:

    I have a somewhat scattered summary of the n/oulipo conference on my blog.


  6. Dave Miller Says:

    I’d have enjoyed that as well. I’m currently working on an online soap opera where each scene is formed by live RSS and Yahoo image searches, collaged into an illustration. You can influence the content, so the story looks different each time you visit it. It’s still in an early stage, and is very very slow I have to say, but am working on a next version where visitors can be more involved.


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