November 3, 2005

Sexual Game Links

by Andrew Stern · , 5:41 pm

Interestingly, there seems to be an ever-growing number of games or game announcements, or at least talk of games, that have sexual content or sex as a theme — enough to warrant a post. Here’s a few of the links that I’ve been gathering:

6 Responses to “Sexual Game Links”

  1. Christy Dena Says:

    Um, I have some more to add:

    The wildly popular: Orgasm Girl;
    The multiplayer Kama Sutra game for an Oz multi-platform series, Forget the Rules;
    BMX XXX, The Guy Game, Leisure Suit Larry, Playboy The Mansion, Sims Singles;
    And the more recent Virtual Girlfriend bot;

    And then there are “artistic” sex games (?!):
    Machine Sex Action Group;
    Linda Erceg’s Skin Club, ‘Emulator 1999 + 2001’, ‘Skin Pack 2000’, ‘Soft Styler 2000’ and other more recent works, and here is an article I was commissioned to write on her;
    There’s a book on digitally constructed “beauties”

  2. Christy Dena Says:

    Forgot the link to Orgasm Girl.

  3. Stephenie Says:

    How can you not have on your list
    multi player sex game with voice chat.

  4. Anders Tychsen Says:

    I seem to recall something called 3D girl from a Terra Nova discussion. can´t remember the lin though. Weren´t there a Red Light District MMOG being established?

  5. Hardcore gamer Says:

    Some of the reality-simulating MMORPGs also offer virtual sex these days–but you have to pay for the sex using game credits purchased using real-world money from your credit card. I can only imagine how greatly the creators profit…

  6. Sex in games... Says:

    […] e caught the Zeitgeist when I made this post about sex and video games. Today I found this list of links to sexually themed games which should help satisfy anyone who thinks& […]

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