November 7, 2005

Airport Insecurity is Out

by Nick Montfort · , 11:11 pm

Airport InsecurityCalling all those with Java-capable mobile phones! Airport Insecurity, the mobile phone game made to be played while waiting in an airport security line, is now out. It costs less than $4, a price that wouldn’t even make Crazy Frog blink. Airport Insecurity is by Persuasive Games, behind which you’ll find Ian Bogost, who blogs at Water Cooler Games. You may remember this game from my writeup of Ian’s talk “Designing for Reproach.”

One Response to “Airport Insecurity is Out”

  1. we make money not art Says:

    While queueing at the airport…

    Airport Insecurity is out. This game to be played on Java-capable mobile phones deals with inconvenience and the tradeoffs between security and rights in American airports. Developed by Persuasive games. Via Grand Text Auto….

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