November 8, 2005

Facade Talk at USC

by Andrew Stern · , 12:29 pm

We’ll be giving a talk tomorrow at 6pm at USC’s Interactive Media program about the creation of Facade. If you’re in the LA area tomorrow and have some free time, perhaps we’ll see you there!

One Response to “Facade Talk at USC”

  1. Mark Marino Says:

    You might be interested to read about a
    writing class excercise using Facade at USC,
    completed just today but discussion is forthcoming. The focus of the discussion was how different disciplines might approach
    Facade (or a Facade-like program) and integrate it into their coursework.

    This was also my first time to see students using the program in front of
    other students. That’s certainly a different use of Facade than the relatively intimate single or double person use.

    I was surprised how quickly students learned the system. The online discussion should serve a useful focus group for you.

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