November 10, 2005

SLSA 2005

by Scott Rettberg · , 2:10 pm

I’ll be giving a talk this evening on Implementation in the contexts of Situationism, Fluxus, and sticker art campaigns this evening at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Conference in Chicago. For the first time this year, the conference includes a stream of presentations on electronic literature. The conference will also include a stream for ecocriticism; a stream for the conference theme of cognitive science and emergence; and a stream for work in the visual arts. The plenary speaker is Gerald Edelman, winner of the Nobel Prize. Invited Artists inclue Eduardo Kac, Warren Neidich, Allison Hunter, Eve Andree Laramee, Daniel Wenk, Zane Berzina.
Keynote panels will match invited artists and prominent critics, among them Cary Wolfe, Barbara Stafford, and N. Katherine Hayles.

3 Responses to “SLSA 2005”

  1. Ian Bogost Says:

    Scott, is the talk or its contents available in written form?

  2. Scott Says:


    Not yet. If you´re interested, I can send you the slides, but I didn´t want to post them online because I haven´t cleared all the images. I am planning on developing the talk further and submitting it somewhere.

  3. Ian Bogost Says:

    Would be great to see the slides. Or maybe we can talk bout it at DAC. I’m putting a class together for the spring and I need some ideas…

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