November 15, 2005

Journal: “Fans Write New Adventures”

by Nick Montfort · , 12:02 pm

Vauhini Vara’s Wall Street Journal Online article on interactive fiction is out. Sure, the headline, “Keeping a Genre Alive,” suggests Terri Schiavo more than a compelling creative practice. But still, it’s a short, decent piece describes IF and the “cult group of gamers,” members of whom “post their own text-only adventures online for free, and meet in chat rooms dedicated to the craft.” The article mentions Photopia and Shade and eschews the usual suspects for quotations. (I will mention, but not complain about, being interviewed but not quoted. I think several people are in the same inflatable boat; Vara seems to have done a good amount of research on the phone for this piece.) The article even ends with a quote from Steve Meretzky – albeit the least funny one I’ve ever read.

It seems that an excerpt from Jason Devlin’s comp entry Vespers is included in the article package, a nice touch. However, it’s only accessible to those who are WSJ subscribers. Let me strap on the appropriate Swatch: the game itself is available to everyone for free.

Remember, today’s the last day to vote in the 11th Annual IF Competition.

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