November 18, 2005

Gatherings Down Under

by Andrew Stern · , 3:46 pm

Some excellent conferences are upcoming in Australia — Interactive Entertainment 2005, Nov 23-25 in Sydney, including invited speakers Tracy Fullerton of USC Interactive Media, Mark Meadows who wrote Pause and Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative, VRML creator Mark Pesce, and interactive narrative researcher R. Michael Young from NC State.

A few days later proceed to the procedural Third Iteration, the third international conference on generative systems in the electronic arts, Nov 30-Dec 2 in Melbourne. “It investigates three major themes – human-computer creativity, generative meaning systems, and the computational sublime.” (These dates directly conflict with DAC in Copenhagen. Not that it matters to me, I have no money or time to make it to any of them, sadly :-) Third Iteration includes invited speaker Casey Reas, co-creator of Processing. And a few days after that, also in Sydney, is a Creativity and Cognition Symposium on Generative Arts Practice.

2 Responses to “Gatherings Down Under”

  1. Yusuf Says:

    The first two days of IE2005 has been great.

    Check out the IE2005 web page in a couple of days for pictures and reports from the conference.

    First, I need to cacth up on some sleep.

  2. Graham Mann Says:

    That conference is on again for 2006, this time in Fremantle, Western Australia (Dec. 4-6th).
    This year it’s combined with Computer Games 2006, which makes for an interesting group of
    people and projects. Invited speakers include Elina Koivisto of Nokia, Finland giving her
    Vision of mobile phone games in 2010; Adrian Cheok of the Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore on
    the use of mixed (augmented) reality for entertainment; Ryohei Nakatsu and Noako Tosa of
    Kwansai Gakin University, Tokyo on new forms of humanoid robot theatre; Madjid Merabti
    of Liverpool John Moores University on networking of home appliances to achieve smooth
    convergence; and Jian Zhang on new methods of achieving lifelike human and animal creatures
    movie CGI and computer games.

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