November 6, 2005

Computers from an Antique Land

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Turns out that the Vintage Computer Festival 8.0 finishes up today. The festival is being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View; here’s the Festival’s overall page, which links to photos of many exhibits from VCF 7.0. It’s as if the computer industry had said to historically-minded geeks, look on my works, ye mighty, and drool.

November 3, 2005

Sexual Game Links

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Interestingly, there seems to be an ever-growing number of games or game announcements, or at least talk of games, that have sexual content or sex as a theme — enough to warrant a post. Here’s a few of the links that I’ve been gathering:

  • Mojo Master, a free advergame (sponsored by a deodorant company) is a pretty good flirtation game, with high production values. It applies Magic-the-Gathering-style card gameplay to the idea of competitive flirting; it’s an interesting take on the concept of social/head games. It’s more successful than, say, Sprung for the DS looks to be. Then again, check out Project Rub

November 2, 2005

The Electronic Literature Collection: Call for Works

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The Electronic Literature Organization seeks submissions for the first Electronic Literature Collection. We invite the submission of literary works that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the computer. Works will be accepted until January 31, 2006. Up to three works per author will be considered.

The Electronic Literature Collection will be an annual publication of current and older electronic literature in a form suitable for individual, public library, and classroom use. The publication will be made available both online, where it will be available for download for free, and as a packaged, cross-platform CD-ROM, in a case appropriate for library processing, marking, and distribution. The contents of the Collection will be offered under a Creative Commons license so that libraries and educational institutions will be allowed to duplicate and install works and individuals will be free to share the disc with others.

November 1, 2005

AISB06: Narrative AI and Games

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by @ 10:13 pm

An annual AI and a-life conference in the UK, AISB, often in Edinburgh but this coming April in Bristol, has a call for papers for a symposium on Narrative AI and Games. Submissions due December 21.

Results from the First French IF Competition

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by @ 4:08 pm

L’édition 2005 de notre concours dédié à la fiction interactive francophone est enfin terminée.

The winner of this first French interactive fiction contest was Le Cercle des Gros Geeks disparus by Adrien Saurat. This game and the other five entries can be downloaded from the official competition page; there’s also a page in English on ifwiki about the contest.

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