December 3, 2005

DAC 2005 Session 9

by Nick Montfort · , 5:29 am

I have only a few selected links from the three interesting talks in this panel, not even sketchy notes; but here they are:

First up was Signe Schou, René Toft: A Theoretical Model for Experience and Social Interaction in Digitally Enhanced Environments; a detailed theoretical model which I could not hope to relate here, even had I made it to the beginning of the presentation – but I’ll link more information about it if I can find it online.

Next, Lone Koefoed Hansen, Jakob Wamberg: Interface or Interlace? Or How Art is Mediated in Augmented Reality. The fascinating works discussed included The Path of Illusion, Blendie, Exhale (breath between bodies), and Augmented Fish Reality.

The last talk in the session was Kim Vincs, Katherine Blashki: Poesis in Diegesis: Real-time Interactive Dance Performance. The result of getting “computer geeks” and “artistés” talking and working together. We saw a clip from rehearsal, but I couldn’t find documentation of the project online.

By the way, there was some great stuff at the literary reading last night, even for those of us impaired in the Scandinavian languages. The evening concluded with Noah’s presentation of Talking Cure and the video documenting Screen.

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  1. victor Says:

    That was really a great stuff. I enjoyed the whole of it.

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