December 8, 2005

Brown E-Writing Fellowship Deadline

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 9:43 pm

There’s just one week left to apply for what I believe is the world’s only graduate fellowship specifically for electronic writing (deadline December 15th). It comes with two years of support, three workshops with world-class writers, four other courses at Brown of your choice, and a nice MFA at the end. Last year’s graduate was William Gillespie, and the year before’s was Talan Memmott.

2 Responses to “Brown E-Writing Fellowship Deadline”

  1. kore Says:

    & this year’s will be brian kim stefans & next years will be daniel canazon howe. indeed.

  2. Jacob Garbe Says:

    I know it’s rather late to leave a comment on this post, but do you have any idea who the electronic writer at Brown for 2006 will be?


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