December 28, 2005

Book and Volume News & Reviews

by Nick Montfort · , 12:44 pm

A bit of Book and Volume news: I just finished release 8, incorporating very few changes – not much more than a handful of additional synonyms. Hopefully the most pesky bugs have been squashed by now and the rough edges smoothed over.

Also, there are two new reviews: Josemanuel’s review in SPAC #43 (in Spanish). And there’s Jonathan Goodwin’s slightly spoilery article in The Value – A Literary Organ.

Here is an excerpt (just the nice bits, of course) from Josemanuel’s review, in his English translation:

It is my great pleasure to write the review of the game that brings back to the genre one of the best authors and theorists in the IF community. Book and volume, Nick Montfort’s latest work, possesses two fundamental virtues: it is extraordinarily entertaining and intellectually stimulating. … the game leaves, like good wines do, a great taste and a strange melancholy. Not only because the ending opens the door to multiple interpretations and passionate reflections, but also because all the craziness that wraps it up finally finds its sense — even though it never ceases to be just that: craziness.

Update: I just updated the Book and Volume page with links to reviews, resources, etc.; also, yes, the metadata at the beginning of the SPAC review is leftover from another review, but it’ll be fixed at some point. (Further update, Dec 30: It’s fixed.)