January 10, 2006

Spoon Missing

by Nick Montfort · , 9:30 pm

I got word of a very interesting-sounding, Rashomon-inspired, Queneau-inspired, RFID-enabled piece going up at the Beall Center in Irvine, California on January 18. It’s by Brian House (of Yellow Arrow) and Sue Huang, and is called 5 ’til 12:

The Beall Center becomes the site of a nonlinear narrative with Knifeandfork’s immersive installation, 5 ’til 12. The visitor is invited to watch four characters, on four monitors, as they recount the tragic circumstances of the exhibition’s opening night. The experience is unique for each visitor, as each story has most likely never been heard before… and won’t ever be heard again.

2 Responses to “Spoon Missing”

  1. josh g. Says:

    Is it too obvious to say, “There is no spoon”?

    The technique of using RFIDs to identify unique viewers is interesting. Not only does it personalize the experience, but it could be used to avoid repetition of particular segments to the same viewer. Or, I suppose, enforced variation in the starting points of the competitive strategies it uses to generate narrative. (Which, by the way, is an awesome slick idea.)

  2. Brandon Says:

    Hm, I will have to drive down and check this out.

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