January 14, 2006

OpenEnded Lingering

by Andrew Stern · , 2:06 am

Marc Downie's dance pieceMy friend eugene sent me a link to an artificial.dk interview with Marc Downie — whom you interactive character enthusiasts may know as the person responsible, among other things, for the excellent realtime charcoal rendering of the MIT Media Lab’s virtual wolves. A little research reveals that Marc recently defended his PhD dissertation, “Choreographing the Extended Agent: Performance Graphics for Dance Theater”, and is now part of a collaborative group of artists called OpenEnded Group. The interview describes How long does the subject linger on the edge of the volume…, a dance piece with live interactive imagery, pictured here. Cool stuff.

(AND the research reveals Bruce Blumberg, head of the once high-profile, now-defunct Synthetic Characters group, is now Director of Advanced Animal Modeling at Blue Fang Games! “…Creating the technology, tools and processes that will enable Blue Fang to create expressive, intelligent and engrossing animal characters that will set the bar for the next generation of digital entertainment experiences.” Interesting how so many interactive character researchers over the years have left academia for industry.)

Exploring artificial.dk a bit more I found a new series of articles on Art Games worth checking out.