January 16, 2006

Disaffected! Released

by Nick Montfort · , 10:15 pm

Ian Bogost and Persuasive Games have just released Disaffected! for Windows and Mac. The game, mentioned earlier on here, is a parodical critique of working life at FedEx Kinko’s and a Slamdance finalist. The whole Persuasive Games site has gotten an upgade, too, with a new page that showcase their games. Also, see Ian’s post on Water Cooler Games about the release of Disaffected!

Will FedEx deliver a threatening legal letter to Persuasive Games? How will the high-concept Disaffected! fare against the AI juggernaut of Façade at Slamdance? What did Vaugn do with Thor’s package? What will happen when late-generation situationists take the game into FedEx Kinko’s and play, or invite employees to play with them? Stay tuned!