January 16, 2006

last call for writing on code!

by Mary Flanagan · , 3:06 am

esteemed community: I herewith establish the first and last semi-public call for submissions to my book project.

I am looking for people with interesting, well informed ideas on computer code for a book.

I’m editing a collection called _re:CODE_, the third in the series of theory and fiction volumes (reload 2002, reskin 2006 FORTHCOMING!! both with H. A. Booth). Doris Cacoilo is the assistant to the project. Like it might sound, re:CODE is about the social and cultural signifance of coding. The table of contents is quite full of great works already selected… but I think this may be an area of interest of to a few GTxA-ers, so in order to make sure we catch emerging thinkers, I wanted to shout-out.

If you have a piece of writing (or interesting code/writing hybrid), preferably unpublished, that would fit this theme –please submit it for review. Submissions can vary: experimental essays (incorporating code itself and fiction, for example), historical reviews, manifestos, critical essays, confessionals, etc. pls sent it on for review.

The deadline for the abstract is asap –send on your work or contact us via mary at maryflanagandot com by Feb 1 with an abstract. Typical essay length is appx 25 pages, Harvard style, but experimental works can be much shorter of course, and include images. Submitters must obtain or own copyright for all work and images submitted.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you! Also if there is someone to whom you would particularly recommend this opportunity given the theme, please do pass this on (do not spam)– particularly we are looking for members of underrepresented groups in the coding community.

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