January 19, 2006

In the White Room without Black Curtains

by Nick Montfort · , 5:43 pm
Some buttons from White Chamber
A simple and elegant computer interface being used to simulate an inscrutable computer interface, in White Chamber.

This post is dedicated to the escapers, and those who want to be escapers. Perhaps you remember Toshimitsu Takagi’s Crimson Room (Grand Text Auto post & discussion). By now the game has established itself well enough to be briefly glossed in Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite the free encyclopedia. And the master of one-room Flash has since released Viridian Room. Now – well, I’m a few weeks late with this revelation, but anyway – he’s also completed White Chamber.

Maybe the novelty or sinister aura of confinement has worn off, or maybe my attitude to this more mechanical and automotive piece is different for some other reason. It has a bit of good puzzle-work in it – the puzzles have gotten a bit more thoughtful and they involve less clicking on difficult-to-see pixel bits – but I didn’t feel as much engagement as with Crimson Room. It’s well-done, though. And as Brandan’s post on the game at Polymath shows, there’s some use in looking at this one critically. Given the (lack of) cost and the time it takes to play, I have to recommend it for those interested in adventure gaming, even if it means upgrading your Flash plugin.

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  1. white room Says:

    white room was soooooooooooo easy please make more rooms and hurry up with the pink room !!!

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