January 25, 2006

Free Space Comix Revenant

by Nick Montfort · , 1:02 pm

Brian Kim Stefans’s blog Free Space Comix has returned to the Web as Free Space Comix III, now WordPressified and served up one letter at a time. (It arrives in one’s browser window so quickly, however, that it looks like you’re getting it a page at a time.) For a thorough grounding, you can check out the first incarnation of the blog, the 2002-2004 Free Space Comix, and the 2004-2006 Free Space Comix II. From these sites, and from behind the arras (Brian’s site), a bevy of intriguing texts, poems, and online artworks will be revealed – and nowadays, syllabi, too, since Brian’s teaching and completing his MFA in creative writing at Brown.

When You Reach Kyoto Among the links inaugurating FSC III is one pointing to a piece, about four years old, that he did in collaboration with geniwaite: When You Reach Kyoto.

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