January 25, 2006

In Yo Façade: Slamdance Winner Announced

by Scott Rettberg · , 5:10 pm

This just in . . . I’ve heard like none of the details, but Holy Toledo! Façade body-slammed the competition and took first place at the Slamdance Festival. Congrats to Michael and Andrew, and I look forward to the footage of you guys in your tights and Mexican wresting masks.

5 Responses to “In Yo Façade: Slamdance Winner Announced”

  1. Fox Harrell Says:

    Congratulations! It’s great to see your hard work keep paying off.

  2. andrew Says:

    We’re running on <4 hours of sleep and >4 shots of tequila for the past few nights, so we’ll write more tomorrow, with pictures, but needless to say Michael and I are very, very excited to have won a Sparky — now awarded to Slamdance game festival winners along with film festival winners. We’re thrilled that the jury chose to recognize Façade and what it is trying to achieve.

    I only made it for the final day of the 4 day festival, just in time to co-present our project and have a group discussion with the jury and fellow contestants, and make it to the award ceremony. It was really good to meet and hang out with the other indie gamemakers, who were a great group of enthusiastic and talented developers. And the hard-working and passionate festival organizers who made it all happen.

    More details soon!

    Till then, the other awards winners were:
    N won the audience award.
    Cloud won the student award for best philosophy.
    Rumble Box won the student award for best physics.
    Ulysses, an entrant to the festival but not a finalist, won the Pop Cap sponsored casual game award.

    Also see Ian’s post from a couple of day’s ago, describing the event.

  3. Dirk Scheuring Says:

    Congratulations! May it generate the attention that attracts the funds for a sequel ;-)

  4. andrew Says:

    Aaron Reed, author of the interactive fiction Slamdance finalist Whom the Telling Changed has a wrap-up post about the festival, plus several earlier posts from previous days.

  5. andrew Says:

    Apparently the Rumble Box developers made a deal at Slamdance to produce a web-game based on a film — a musical about real estate, no less. I’m looking forward to seeing the game mechanic they come up with for that…

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