January 25, 2006

Mary Ann Buckles Update

by Nick Montfort · , 3:53 pm

The San Diego paper has an aritcle, “Accidental traveler in a brave new world,” about Mary Ann Buckles, the first to undertake a serious, involved study of interactive fiction or any sort of computer game: “Interactive Fiction: the Computer Storygame ‘Adventure.'” As a New York Times story and Gonzalo Frasca’s Ludology.org noted a while back, Buckles seems to have been broken from academia by interactions with her committee and the PhD process, but to have kneaded herself into a career she’s enjoying – as a massage therapist.

The story ends with a tale of her recently finding some old boxes including things like her dissertation – and discarding them. Ah, well … at least the publication requirement in that wrenching PhD process means that she can shuffle her dissertation out of her life, where she’d like it to be, while those of us who find it useful will still have it to read.