February 1, 2006

Living Game Worlds @ Tech

by Michael Mateas · , 5:05 pm

I’m happy to annouce that we’re hosting the second Living Game Worlds symposium at Georgia Tech, on Thursday, February 16th. Last year, the first Living Game Worlds symposium (1 2) was held in honor of Will Wright receiving the Ivan Allen Award. The event was so successful we’ve decided to do it again. This year’s symposium explores what game design can learn from an interdisciplinary engagement with other fields. Will Wright kicks off the event with his keynote Design Learning: How Other Fields Can Inform Interactive Design. Registration is free, so if you’re in the area, drop by. We do ask that people pre-register so that we have a sense of the head count.

One Response to “Living Game Worlds @ Tech”

  1. andrew Says:

    Raph Koster is blogging the symposium, so far with a post describing his tour of the facilities — including a cool photo of Will Wright gearing up to play an early version of Augmented Reality Facade — as well as a post describing Will’s keynote talk.

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