February 2, 2006

Antitainment Gaming

by Nick Montfort · , 1:52 am

MolleindustriaMolleindustria [English] [Italian] offers brilliant “political videogames against the dictatorship of entertainment.” Over on Water Cooler Games, Ian just wrote up their latest, an anti-McDonald’s game in the vein of the anti-Kinko’s Disaffected! This is a pretty complex one that involves much more than paper-shuffling, as the extensive introductory tutorial (in the style of a managerial PowerPoint presentation) should signal. I can’t comment yet on the long-term playability of McDonald’s Videogame, but the site is definitely worth a visit, and I do recommend at least starting up and playing with all the games. The ones that involve fornication might wait until after work, though.

2 Responses to “Antitainment Gaming”

  1. nick Says:

    Hey lookit that! Cnet had the same idea, and today also carried an item on anti-advergaming: “Games that stick it to ‘The Man'” Well, they actually wrote a whole article, not just a paragraph, speaking not only to the Persuasive Gaming and Molleindustria crew but also to the digital brand manager for Kinko’s – excuse me, FedEx Kinko’s – who says … well, you should read the article to see what he says.

    Especially cool is that (thanks to Ian pimping the game, I bet) they even mentioned Book and Volume!

  2. Grand Text Auto » Semiotic Disobedience Says:

    […] l as Molleindustria’s McDonald’s Videogame, both blogged previously on GTxA (1 2). From the article: Skepticism about, and mockery of, the claims of commercia […]

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