February 9, 2006

Beta-test Façade 1.1!

by Andrew Stern · , 8:43 pm

[Update, Feb 16: Beta-testing is complete, and Façade v1.1 is now available for download. The original post requesting beta-testers is below.]

Seeking volunteers to do a quick beta-test of Façade v1.1, sporting the following new features:

Send email to info -at- interactivestory -dot- net if you’re able to download and briefly test Façade before Monday, February 13. Thanks for your help!

Coming soon: Façade for Macintosh…

22 Responses to “Beta-test Façade 1.1!”

  1. noah Says:

    Seriuosly, for the Mac? That’s great to hear!

  2. Susan Says:

    Please oh please! I can’t wait for the Mac version.

    Is there a mailing list I can sign so you’ll let me know when it happens?

  3. Carl Says:

    I have been waiting for soo long for façade to come out for mac
    and I’m SOO excited :]
    Im also interested to know if there is a mailing list or something to let me know when it comes out

  4. andrew Says:

    We have no mailing list, but just send an email to the address in the post, and we’ll put you on a list of people to inform when the Mac version is ready. :-)

  5. doremi Says:

    When will this smaller version be available for windows?

  6. andrew Says:

    Hopefully this week! Beta-testing is virtually complete.

  7. andrew Says:

    Beta-testing is complete — Façade version 1.1a is now available for download at interactivestory.net.

  8. scott Says:

    Rock. I’m looking forward to that Mac version.

  9. Carl Says:

    Any estimate as to when the mac version will be ready?

  10. andrew Says:

    A guy who ports stuff to the Mac for a living is helping us out in his spare time. Hard to predict exactly when… could be 2-3 more months, maybe sooner.

  11. Valentina Says:

    Hello! I just wanted to transfer you the letter of a (female) reader found in the February issue of Glamour (yes, I am totally into B culture, “I read pulp novels, comic books AND women’s magazines!) : (translated from italian) “I did try interactivestory as you suggested – I had a lot of fun!
    I was really amused by your article about how to solve couple’s problems in a virtual way, so I said to myself: why not have my boyfriend to play with me? It has been much more useful than many words to make the point on our relationship” – editor’s answer: “The aim of the game is exactly this: to show to men and women that their language is different but hopefully compatible”.
    I am not sure if this is what you had in mind when you made Façade, but it shows an interesting angle on the use of interactive storytelling as pop psychology, and also the unexpected availability of women’s audiences when a product is flexible and not designed to a special target (usually male, or dumb female…)
    Anyway, I thought you might find this “foreign report” interesting cheers waiting for the next DAC /V

  12. andrew Says:

    very cool! We’ve gotten a greater variety of press in Europe than the US — Facade seems to be more appealing there, even though it’s an English language title.

    any chance you could send us the article? I’ve asked Glamour Italy for a copy but who knows if we’ll get one. If so, please send email to andrew -at- interactivestory -dot- net.

  13. scott Says:

    Any word as to how the progress is coming for the mac port?

  14. thoralf Says:

    distributing this via bittorrent does not seem to be a good idea to me. there are just too few seeders :-(

  15. andrew Says:

    >Any word as to how the progress is coming for the mac port?

    It’s still in progress, it could be a while (a month or more)

    >distributing this via bittorrent does not seem to be a good idea to me. there are just too few seeders :-(

    Well, version 1.0 (800MB) was downloaded bia our bittorrent over 57,000 times, for at total of over 42 terabytes transferred at no cost to us. That was often with 10 seeds or less at any one time. The current download, version 1.1 (167MB) currently has 13 seeds, with 5 downloaders at the moment. It’s been downloaded over 1500 times since we recently released it. Seems to work fine :-)

    (We’ve had over 300,000 Facade downloads in total at this point, a combination of our bittorrent and the http mirrors at Download.com, Gamespot, etc.)

  16. Tom Says:

    sooo yeah, def. tell us when its ready for mac

  17. Carl Says:

    its been a couple months….any progress?

  18. Susan Says:

    Waiting impatiently for an update about the Mac version!

  19. andrew Says:

    We plan to give everyone a positive update on the Mac version very soon, thanks for your patience!

  20. Susan Says:

    Still waiting patiently for an update on the Mac version….. (It’s mid-November and I haven’t heard anything!!!)

  21. michael Says:

    The mac version is available (has been for a couple of months now). The Facade download page now has downloads for Mac and Windows.

  22. Daedric Says:

    OMFG!!!!! OMFG!!!! OMFG!!!! OMFG!!!! OMFG!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!

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