February 10, 2006

A Magic Mantra

by Nick Montfort · , 6:50 pm

Two brilliant examples of anagrammatic work have come my way today:

Anagrams (mostly) of “Van Helsing” and “Man on Fire” on the Flatbush Pavilion marquee in Brooklyn. (Thanks to Brian Kim Stefans)

An anagrammap of the London Underground. (Thanks to markm on ifMUD)

4 Responses to “A Magic Mantra”

  1. andrew stern (aka Raw Nerd Nest) Says:

    I particularly love the map of the Nude Rod Rung, er, Underground.

    btw, I’ll be boarding at Erect Bone, passing through Add Romance and Swelled Injunction, and getting off at Oral Okay.

  2. JoseAngel Says:

    Oops, contents removed after the underground lawyers moved in!

  3. nick Says:

    unfortu.net indeed. At least the owner of the site wasn’t head-shot by a gang of police.

  4. Ian Bogost Says:

    Lo, Atlanta’s MARTA has one

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