February 10, 2006

Open Letter issue on Goldsmith

by Nick Montfort · , 12:21 pm

There’s a new (ink and paper) issue of Open Letter all about the work of Kenneth Goldsmith; it just launched at the Kelly Writers House. Kenny’s brand of “uncreative writing” (“typing, not writing”) imports ideas and the determination to follow through on them from the world of visual arts. His recent books include The Weather, which transcribes a year’s worth of radio weather reports; Day, a book of about 900 pages that is a re-typing and scanning of a single day’s New York Times, and Soliloquy, which reproduces in print a week’s worth of Kenny’s recorded utterances. See his EPC author home page for links to online versions of all of these, except the one that’s fit to print.

These techniques have already inspired conceptual digital works of digital writing, such as one letter at a time pieces by Brian Kim Stefans, but Kenny has another connection to the digital realm – he runs UbuWeb.

One Response to “Open Letter issue on Goldsmith”

  1. nick Says:

    Also note Ron Silliman’s blog entry on Kenny G, and follow-ups there.

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