February 17, 2006

New Media, Technology, and the Humanities

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 3:09 am

This Friday and Saturday (February 17-18) at UC Irvine there’s a free single-track conference in Humanities Instructional Building 135. I’m looking forward to great presentations, given that it’s organized by smart folks (Barbara Cohen and Peter Krapp) and the speakers include Mark Hansen, Erkki Huhtamo, Henry Lowood, Lev Manovich, Tara McPherson, Robert Nideffer, Mark Poster, John Seely Brown, Rita Raley, Jennifer Urban, and other luminaries. You can check out the online schedule, and if you want to catch me I’m presenting at 3:15 on Friday.

One Response to “New Media, Technology, and the Humanities”

  1. Elizabeth Losh Says:

    I attended about half of the conference and blogged about the McPherson, Wardrip-Fruin, and Manovich/Huhtamo presentations at virtualpolitik.net. It’s anecdotal coverage that others may find irritating, but since there isn’t a real conference website, it at least provides some information about an interesting selection of presentations.

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