March 23, 2006

News from E-Fest: Noah Just Turned in a Complete Draft of His Dissertation

by Scott Rettberg · , 8:36 am

Though Mr. Wardrip-Fruin will not defend the monster until May, word on the street here at the Brown E-Fest is that the days we’ll be able to speak of Master Wardrip-Fruin are numbered. It’s soon be Doc. One member of Noah’s committee described reading the new media wunderkind’s tome as “the most exciting thing that’s been going on in my life . . . lately.”

8 Responses to “News from E-Fest: Noah Just Turned in a Complete Draft of His Dissertation”

  1. mary Says:

    go noah go!

  2. andrew Says:

    quite an achievement!

  3. noah Says:


    I had no idea Scott was blogging this until I saw it over Nick’s shoulder at lunch just now. The E-Fest is going great… though actually I am also looking forward to getting started on some revisions I have planned for this weekend. In other words, I’m not sick of it yet, which I hope is a good sign.

  4. Jim Says:

    when will it be published for the masses?

  5. Jim Whitehead Says:

    Best of luck in finishing your dissertation! I want to read it too…

    Hope you avoid weird printing problems at the end. When I went to print my dissertation, for some reason the printer driver dropped some, but not all, instances of the letter ‘y’. All those ‘y’s were in the document itself–the printer driver just decided to protest. Geesh! The error was easily caught by the archivist, because my advisor’s name was “Taylor”, not “Ta lor” :-)

  6. JIll Says:

    Wow, well done Noah! I’m looking forward to reading the whole damn thing :)

    Jim, I hadn’t realised y’s could be so easily mislaid. Imagine if they’d gone missing from the entire document and had to be manually reinserted.

  7. noah Says:

    I’m glad to hear folks are interested in reading it — but I can’t get too far ahead of myself. I haven’t even heard from each member of the committee that they think I’ll be ready to defend this year…

    In any case, I certainly hope I don’t end up losing any letters when I print! This is the first long (already more than 350 pages) project that I’ve done using TeXShop, a Mac Latex editor. So far it seems solid and reliable, and I’m using it to output PDF (rather than DVI) which might avoid some potential difficulties. Also, I’m an increasing fan of BibDesk and the Memoir class.

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