March 27, 2006

Credibility Currency

by Andrew Stern · , 8:18 pm

More GDC writeups: 21st Century Game Design co-author Chris Bateman, at his blog Only a Game, has posted a nice summary of fellow ihobo developer Ernest Adams’ GDC talk, “A New Vision for Interactive Stories“.

Ernest surveys some of the techniques and issues in developing interactive stories, including observing and reacting to Façade (as we know, he’s a fan). Based on the summary of the talk, it’s more of a broad talk than deep one, touching on the idea of limits in interactive stories (reminding me of Nick’s first GTxA post), suggesting an implicit “credibility budget”. The talk concluded by pointing towards procedurality as a road to progress.

Also on the blog, some mixed reaction to Cloud, the IGF Student Showcase winner — interesting to me because Jenova was giving us hard time at Slamdance about interface issues with Façade. ;-)