April 2, 2006

WICS @ Columbia

by Mary Flanagan · , 9:24 pm

Thursday March 30th I gave a presentation positioning “radical computing” amidst gaming and computer science at the Columbia University Women in Computer Science (WICS) group.

I met some wonderful students and faculty, including a few folks from Teacher’s College and of course the Computer Science department. Dr. Julia Hirschberg is one of the WICS mentors at Columbia and does fascinating work in spoken language processing. Most campuses have WICS groups — if one does not, I encourage folks to start one!

Interesting tidbits: met Jonah Bossewitch, who is investigating “Permanent Records: Personal, Cultural, and Social Implications of Pervasive Omniscient Surveillance”; discussed this Poverty Simulation with David Elson; chatted with the organizer of the event, Lauren Wilcox in NLP; caught up briefly with Bernie Yee who is teaching a course in Video Game Design and Development, and Austin Grossman who co-teaches this term.